Porter's orchard
40% – Scotland. Takes inspiration from Chardonnay's intense fruitiness. Pears and apples are cold distilled with Porter's classic juniper base, then a soybean distillate is added to give the gin butter an biscuit tasting notes.

2CL 42 – 4CL 84
with tonic 142
OHD Vidda Dry gin
43% – Norway. Winner of The Gin Masters 2020 – made with Norwegian potato spirit, only with herbs and growths found in the wild nature of Norwegian mountains

2CL 49 – 4CL 98
with tonic 142
Lyng Norwegian Botanical gin
45.9% – Norway. Made with 33 herbs, spices and flowers found in Norways wilderness

2CL 51 – 4CL 102
with tonic 142
Cape Fynbos gin
45% – South Africa. Small batches, extensive fractional distillation and infused with over 30 sustainably hand harvested indigenous botanicals, many of which are members of the fynbos family of plants

2CL 60 – 4CL 120
with tonic 148
Nikka Coffey gin
47% – Japan. Bright and zesty aroma originating from four kinds of Japanese citruses, Yuzu, Kabosu, Amanatsu and Shequasar, which compliments the traditional gin botanicals of juniper berries, angelica, coriander seeds, lemon and orange peels. Followed by pleasantly tangy hints of green Japanese Sansho pepper on the finish.

2CL 62 – 4CL 124
with tonic 148
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