Plantation Original Dark
40% – Jamaica, Barbados. The rich and intense style of Jamaica and Barbados, with their notes of plum, banana and vanilla, is enhanced by meticulous blending and further maturation in France. The result is a profound structure spiced with notes of cinnamon and clove, whose smoky quality adds texture.

2CL 48 – 4CL 96
Plantation Stiggins' Fancy Pineapple
40% – Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica. A tribute to the character created by Charles Dickens in the Pickwick Papers, Reverend Stiggins, whose favorite drink was “pineapple rum.” Barks of pineapples are infused in light rum and then distilled, and pineapple fruit is infused in dark rum. Both distillate and fruit infusion are finally blended together, creating a rich and delicious pineapple bouquet, accented by smoky and clove notes.

2CL 48 – 4CL 96
Opthimus 25
43% – Dominican Republic. This award winning artisanal rum has been aged for an incredible 25 years in American and French oak barrels before being finished in malt whisky barrels. The result is a beautiful mahogany hued selection that opens with notes of oak herbs and caramel on the nose before delving into a palate of molasses cranberries vanilla stone fruit and honey.

2CL 90 – 4CL 180
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